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Origin for the State's Name:
Name for residents:
          Known as the "Montana Territory" between 1864-1889 
Achieved Statehood:
State Nickname:
Other Nicknames:
State Motto:
State Slogan:
State Song:
State Ballad:
State Capital:
 Largest City:
MontaƱa - Spanish for mountain or mountainous
Friday, November 8, 1889 - Becoming the 41st State in the Union
Treasure State
Big Sky Country, The Land of the Shining Mountains
Oro y plata - "Gold and Silver" 
The Last Best Place
Montana (1945)
Montana Melody (1983)
4th Largest State
147,046 square miles 
998,199  (mt.gov - July 1, 2011)

Montana State Bird
Western Meadowlark
(Since 1931) 
Montana State Tree
Ponderosa Pine
(Since 1949)
Montana State Flower
(Since 1895)
Image by: Hollingsworth, John and Karen/USFWS
Image from: Yellowstone National Park Service

Montana State Animal
Grizzly Bear
(Since 1982)
Montana State Butterfly
Mourning Cloak
(Since 2001)
Montana State Fish
Black Spotted Cutthroat Trout
(Since 1977)
Image by:  Terry Tollefsbol/USFWS
Whitney Cranshaw, CSU, Bugwood.org
Image by:  Jim Cummins 
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